200+ Best Condensed Fonts Free Download

200+ Best Condensed Fonts Free Download

What is a Condensed or Narrow Font?

A condensed or a narrow font is a typeface that features characters with narrow widths but it also refers to fonts with taller character designs as well. Condensed fonts also have much narrower space between characters than a regular font.

While many designers recommend not to use condensed fonts in body text, these fonts are a popular choice in designing large headlines and titles, especially in posters, website headers, banners, and even in book covers and business cards.burges

Burges – Condensed font

Taking an art deco look, Burges is all about classic, with solid uppercase, and inline lowercase, it brings a lot of vintage feels to it.

Suit perfectly for high-end market audiences, poster, movie title, classic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, YouTube covers, YouTube thumbnails, social media page covers, and so on…

Download Here


Marmalede – Condensed font

Taking an art deco look, Marmalade is all about classic and elegance on the feel.

Suit perfectly for high-end market audiences, poster, movie title, classic restaurant/ cafe menu, magazine, YouTube covers, YouTube thumbnails, social media page covers, and so on…

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majananMajanan– Condensed font

Majanan is a modern condensed sans serif font. It features uppercase and lowercase, numerals, punctuations, and multilingual characters. This font is suitable for posters, branding, headers, quotes, etc.

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Freaky Story-Condensed Font

Freaky Story is a condensed serif with horror and creepy vibes! This serif is so unique that will make your design pop up. This font is suitable for poster movies, especially thriller and horror movies. With unique lowercase, this font will make your poster more stand out and stylish.

You also can use this font for any design because of the versatility of this font. Also, this font support multi-language. Let’s make your next Halloween poster with this font!

Download Here



Freak-Condensed Font

Frick is a bold headline typeface with impact and power. Currently all-uppercase, in Regular and Condensed widths. Drawn on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.

Download Here



Freak-Condensed Font

Arrose is an ultra condensed sans serif font. With its tall and narrow look, the font is great for movie titles, posters, and other display purposes.

Download Here



Mango Grotesque-Condensed Font

Mango Grotesque is a beautiful condensed sans serif typeface designed for robust and high-impact use. The family includes 18 styles, completed with a variable version of the font.

The geometric and clear letterform is perfect for eye-catching posters, company logos, movie titles, and picture captions.

Download Here



MURO SP-Condensed Font

MURO SP is a display typeface inspired by ‘pixo’, a form of urban expression that covers buildings and walls in São Paulo with its unique and original spray-painted typography style.

Download Here



Ilyas-Condensed Font

Ilyas is a unique serif display font inspired by strong decorative elements. With its sharp lines and condensed style, it’s perfect for big headlines or used as a separate graphic element.

Download Here



Galgo-Condensed Font

Galgo Condensed is a narrow neutral geometric sans serif font inspired by Morganite typeface designed by Rajesh Rajput.

Galgo Condensed works best at larger sizes, making this a typeface for posters, headlines, and anywhere to make an impact.

Download Here



Cesare-Condensed Font

Cesare is a sans serif font designed from an incomplete character set whose shapes correspond to Studley Condensed (Inland Type Foundry, Saint Louis, USA).

Cesare font brings some elegance and retro charm and is perfect for dramatic titles, movie posters, and signages.

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Cesare-Condensed Font

Rosehip is a condensed comic dialogue font with a wide range of glyphs designed for the editorial needs of comic book lettering. It comes with four sets: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.

Download Here



Italian-Condensed Font

Italian is a tall and clean typeface, very versatile to work great in both large and small sizes.

Italian is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers – or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

The full version comes with 24 fonts to enchant your next project.

Download Here

StreetSign Sans-Condensed Font

StreetSign Sans is a bold typeface built from the ground up to support the Vietnamese language. This display, all caps font is filled with personality and quirks.

StreetSign Sans is inspired by the 80s-90s Vietnamese hand-painted billboards and street signs.

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Semiotic-Condensed Font

Semiotic is a stylish condensed typeface. The uniqueness of this font has the same size of uppercase and lowercase, so you can play around to create nice wording with this font.

Semiotic is suitable for logo, headline, title, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, logos, magazines, books, greeting/wedding cards, packaging, fashion, make-up, stationery, novels, labels, or any type of advertising purpose.

Download Here



Highman-Condensed Font

Highman is a modern condensed bold font. It contains all caps letter yet it has a different height between the uppercase and lowercase. Highman font fits for the brand, titling, stacking or grid layout, and all kinds of display usage.

Download Here



Frankia -Condensed Font

Frankia is a display typeface created from a desire to update and geometrize graphic characters to reach the perfect crossing of two typographic families and between two eras.

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Pelinka -Condensed Font

Pelinka is a sans serif font family that has a solid foundation of geometric shapes designed to be bold and flexible. This typeface has all the widths needed to meet various design needs, Condensed, Normal, and Expanded each width has 9 weights. Pelinka also includes support for Cyrillic and Greek Alphabets.

Opentype feature: aalt, frac, liga, locl, numr, onum,ordn, salt, sinf, ss01, ss02, subs, sups, kern, mark.

Language support for the Americas, most of Europe, Cyrillic, and Greek.



PVF Service -Condensed Font

PVF Service is a condensed geometric sans serif typeface designed to cover the digital feeling of your typography works. It features Greek, Latin, numbers, and symbols in Light, Normal and Medium styles including the Oblique ones.

PVF Service has good legibility at small sizes while the other weights are more suited to titling, logo, and headlines.

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Thunder -Condensed Font


SuperDuper-Condensed Font

SuperDuper is a grotesque sans serif typeface designed for super-sized headlines and short paragraphs. It looks great in posters, social media, magazine titles, and when you need maximum use of space.

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Solitudo is a high contrast sharp and strong display typeface with two styles. Great for posters, headlines, album artwork, and other digital designs.

Download Here



TA Modern Times-Condensed Font

TA Modern Times is a high contrast sans serif typeface. It’s a versatile font that works for both display and text and is great for branding and editorial use.

The typeface has extended language support, including Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew. Additionally, the font has multiple weights – from Extra Light to Black and styles – from Ultra Condensed to Ultra Expanded.

6 previous versions of the font are FREE. You may download and enjoy it.

Download Here



Balinera-Condensed Font

Balinera is a quirky black and condensed typeface perfect for short statements, whether it is an inspirational quote or a strong political motto. You can pair it with your favorite script or brush font to create a more dynamic layout.

Download Here



Daray-Condensed Font

Daray is a condensed sans serif font. Simplicity is the key to success. Right angles and smooth curves meet – Daray. The font has multilingual support including English and Russian.

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Urotraman-Condensed Font

Urotraman is a condensed display font, created to pay homage to the work of Eiji Tsuburaya.

Urotraman font is perfect for titles and giving power in his texts. It was millimetrically designed for different situations with 140+ glyphs between accents and symbols.

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Alumni-Condensed Font

Alumni is a sans serif typeface, originally inspired by the black face Impact™. A true departure from present trends, this font resurrects the clean and simple forms made popular in the 1950s.

Alumni soon evolved to include numerous weights from the Black flavor of its progenitor to a super Thin weight. The extreme weights (Thin and Black) are designed for display situations while the remaining weights may be used for more traditional textual design applications.

Alumni is available in roman and italic versions. It comes with Latin Character sets including Western, Central, and Vietnamese language support.

Download Here


Saint Regus


Saint Regus-Condensed Font

Saint Regus is a display typeface with a uniquely bold charismatic personality.

The free version of Saint Regus includes 3 fonts with SemiBold weight Condensed, Standard & Expanded styles. The full family includes 21 styles that you can use for a large design asset in any kind of design works.

The possibilities have a huge prospect in various design projects, digital, and print. Saint Regus development tried to explore the impact by its proportional display form.

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Coojertown-Condensed Font

Coojertown is an elegant condensed font, carefully crafted to create a stylish and classy design.

Coojertown font is perfectly fit for a wide pool of creative projects such as branding, logos, social media posts, invitations, greeting cards, letters and so much more. Let’s show your creative mind to the world!

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Mettlach-Condensed Font

Mettlach tiles are one of the most sought-after finishing materials of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century St. Petersburg.

The Mettlach font imitates the fonts of that time but has a modern origin. The classic round drops have been given a “cut”, with most of the oblique strokes having the same angle of inclination. High-contrast and tapered, the font looks good in headlines.

Download Here


Rookworst-Condensed Font

Rookworst is a rounded outlined font with a retro aesthetic. The font would look good on signage, packaging, magazines, and posters.

Download Here



Rebeqa-Condensed Font

Rebeqa is a fashionable sans serif typeface with elegant proportions and high contrast letterforms. The family comes with 9 weights and matching Italics, including the variable font.

Rebeqa is best for branding, editorial, book, poster, and packaging use.

Download Here



Kamino-Condensed Font

Kamino is a condensed variable font with rounded corners complemented by sharp lines and angles. It’s a versatile typeface that’s suitable for bold headline titles, posters, sports brands, and more.

Download Here



Kamino-Condensed Font

Kenney is a collection of various fonts, both pixel, and vector-based. It comes with 11 styles, including High, Future, Moni Block, and other styles.

Kenney is best for display use, posters, headlines, games, and other tech projects.

Download Here



Ampero-Condensed Font

Ampero is an industrial sans serif typeface inspired by the typeface Compacta, designed by Fred Lambert. Ampero is best used to break up text and stand out on both paper and screen.

Ampero comes in four weights with italics and includes Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets. Open type features include small caps, positional numerals, fractions, superior & inferior figures, and alternate forms.

Download Here



Roboto Serif-Condensed Font

Roboto Serif is a serif typeface designed to work alongside Roboto for interfaces and immersive reading. Designed from the ground up as a variable font, Roboto Serif features a full range of weights, widths from condensed to extended, and optical sizes from micro to large display. It also includes a grade axis to fine-tune contrast for different usages without affecting line breaks and copy it.

This family supports the Google Fonts Latin Pro glyph set, for use in over 130 languages including Vietnamese.

Download Here



DN Condensed-Condensed Font

DN Condensed is a decorative condensed capital serif font with a vintage feel. The font is perfect for headlines, posters, covers, badges, and other artworks.

Download Here



Marvelos -Condensed Font

Marvelos is an ultra condensed tall and thin typeface. With its fine and clean look, the font works very well for display and editorial use.

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Prodelt Co-Condensed Font

Prodelt Co is a condensed display typeface with a vintage style that is inspired by the form of classic labels that are applied to products. These characteristics are reflected in all types of letters and define the detail and color of the overall type.

A wide variety of alternative styles allow versatile design options and work perfectly for headlines, logos, posters, packaging, T-shirts, postcards, and more.

Download Here



Heading Now-Condensed Font

Heading Now is a sans serif supertype family born as a space-optimizing typeface for headers and titles. Built around 10 different widths, ranging from ultra-compressed to ultra-wide, and eight weights from thin to heavy, Heading Now provides a full spectrum of sans serif-type solutions to your design problems.

The free version includes Regular weights for each width.

Heading Now can be used in its compressed widths to manage space on the printed page and the screen. In these widths Heading Now excels in titles and subheadings, timetables, infographics, and in situations of exuberant and excessive copywriting. On the other side of the width spectrum, you can find extended width variants, ready to be used for titling where style and energy matter more than pixel or paper economy.

The heading family is not only made of extreme widths: you can use the medium width range to design body text. Matching italics provide versatility in text use, as well as a dynamic display alternate to the bolder weights.

Download Here



Bigwhale-Condensed Font

Bigwhale is a condensed display font. This font is perfect for use in titles with a set of numbers, basic symbols, and punctuation, for the letter W has an alternative character. This font also has some bandages for some sets of letters for further customization of your designs.

Download Here



LT Amber-Condensed Font

LT Amber is a Grotesk typeface with 25 styles.

LT Amber is all you need to center around the imaginable inspiration of an amber gemstone.

Download Here



Aion-Condensed Font

Aion is a unique display typeface with original characters based on circular shapes. Its geometric and unusual letterforms give a feel of modernity and individuality.

Aion is indicated for display designs, titles, and short texts.

Download Here



Steclo-Condensed Font

Steclo is a semi-closed narrowed display sans-serif typeface with pronounced technical character.

The free version includes Extra Light and its Italic styles. The full family comes in 9 weights from Thin to Black accompanied by corresponding oblique italics.

Steclo features rich language support including pan-European Latin and basic Cyrillic glyph sets.

Download Here


Zen Loop

Zen Loop-Condensed Font

Zen Loop is a sans serif typeface inspired by Japanese kana characters that contain many loops. Zen Loop and Zen Loop Italic incorporate this visual aspect into a Latin font. The font looks as though it was shaped out of a thin wire, and almost depicts the movements of a living organism.

Download Here



Star Inversion-Condensed Font

Star Inversion is a display font, loosely inspired by a specific lettering style, found on another sci-fi book cover. Sci-fi and reverse contrast are a weird mix for sure, but the sample on the book cover had some interesting solutions that adapted to the design.

Download Here


Electroplate-Condensed Font

The electroplate is a serif typeface, an attempt at a Copperplate Gothic spinoff, blended with a bit of sci-fi and industrial style. This design came together so smoothly so the typeface includes six weights, interpolated from two masters and designed in a day.

Download Here



Sandbox-Condensed Font

Sandbox is a condensed sans typeface inspired by a strong character. Bold and sharp with smooth textures. Suitable with your business and modern company.

Download Here



Geloma-Condensed Font

Geloma is a sans serif font with long, thin letters that look almost like threads on a loom when set together.

Shinsen-Condensed Font
Shinsen is a geometric sans serif typeface that has an aesthetic and industrial style. The font family comes with three weights and can be great for titles, subtitles, captions for magazines, posters, and other display use.


Cimero Pro-Condensed Font

Cimero Pro is the newest chromatic (or color) SVG font. It has been created with the great Adobe Illustrator extension Fontself. To add some extra flair, the font includes a few Discretionary Ligatures and Alternates.

Each letter has an alternate, allowing you to create texts that look non-uniform. Of course, Cimero Pro is a display font and typing long texts in it may be very tiresome to read.

Another practical thing about this font is that it was created using only CMYK color values – which means no color matching issues when printed (as opposed to fonts created using RGB color values).

Cimero Pro has 660 characters and covers a very wide range of languages.

Download Here



Morington-Condensed Font

Morington is a condensed serif typeface with strong characters to support your brand/project. This font can be used in a modern theme and also in a classic theme.

Morington is perfect for projects such as logos & branding, headlines, posters, signage, advertisements, printed quotes, product packaging, product designs, label, photography, watermark, special events, or anything.

Download Here



Gelosa Cara typeface-Condensed Font

Gelosa Cara typeface is quite a retro font that is stylish to use. This typeface is inspired by the history of fonts and typography and influenced by the authenticity of the rationalist culture.

Gelosa Cara typeface comes in two uppercase font styles: Regular and Regular condensed.

Download Here


Harmond-Condensed Font

Harmond is a new fresh and modern display serif with a strong and sharp look. This typeface is both impressive at display sizes and easily readable in text size, while the sharp shapes of the triangular serifs and the distinctive letter shapes show their strength in logo design and impressive editorial use.

The free version includes Condensed and matching Italic fonts, the full family comes with 46 fonts with various weights and styles.

Download Here



Stadium Cyrillic-Condensed Font

Stadium Cyrillic is an extension of the Stadium typeface. It’s a bold sans serif font with narrow powerful shapes created for strong design with an authentic voice.

Download Here



Light and Airy-Condensed Font

Light and Airy is a unique handwriting font with condensed shape, tall and slim, with a feminine touch in every word it is written.

Suit perfectly for doodle font, food packaging writing, cafeteria wall scribble font, children book cover, children school product, Instagram story writing, social media post, Facebook post, children poster, wallpaper illustration, catchphrase stickers, magazine, YouTube covers, thumbnails, social media page covers and so on…

Download Here



LL DEtechno-Condensed Font

LL DEtechno was inspired by minimal techno, the music we listen to every day, and the simplicity and directness of the techno music is reflected in the basic shape of the font. The purpose of adding variables was to make the font more playful, and as we have been working on variables lately, we have chosen two styles, distortion and fault, to give us something to do.

LL DEtechno font is more suitable for headlines and is not recommended for use in the body.

Download Here



Marcondesed-Condensed Font

Marcondesed, a friendly condensed font that was carefully made to match with any kind of design project. With its simple yet elegant style, this font will make your projects catch anyone’s attention.

Marcondensed font is best used for invitations, wedding design, quotes, posters, cover, branding, logotype, social media posts, and many more. Make it simple with Marcondensed!

Download Here



Stadium -Condensed Font

Stadium is a powerful and strong condensed sans serif display typeface. It’s designed for impact, without sacrificing style or legibility. It looks especially stunning on a large scale, although it still carries a punch at smaller point sizes.

Download Here



Connections and Order-Condensed Font

Connections_and_Order is a unique geometric display typeface. A certain look at geometric shapes creates something inexplicable and unreadable, but if you look closely, you can find order in chaos. This font has multilingual support including English and Russian.

Connections_and_Order is not perfect for any project.

Download Here



Indonesia Script-Condensed Font

Indonesia Script is a bold, curvy, and playful, fully-connected monoline script. Most uppercase letters have a fancy alternate, and the lowercase letters have a bunch selection of alternates for you to select, to suit your typographic best. A companion display font is Dermawan Sans. Typically a titling font, it is tall enough for heading, and of course, large size text is always best for titles.

Designed to communicate an elite sensibility, this font duo is equally built from the core principle of sophisticated typography. The all-caps titling font has a solid weightiness, delivered in a slightly assertive and vivid clarity. And the bold and playful monoline scripts complete the aesthetic. This font duo lets you organize harmonious typography for posters, logotypes, or any multipart media.

Download Here


Akshar-Condensed Font

Akshar is a variable display sans-serif font family that supports Latin and Devanagari. It is designed for titles, statements, headlines, announcements, intros, outros, and other display texts. Although display-type font families are traditionally more formal and stiff in their approach, Akshar embraces curves to its characters to add a human informality to its design.

Akshar (Hindi: अक्षर) literally means an alphabet or a letter in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, and other Indic languages.

Akshar is also the first OpenType Variable Font on Google Fonts to support Devanagari. It offers every single style on the weight (weight) axis between the range 300 to 700. Not only does this enable a wide array of display possibilities but also provides performance efficiency by providing all the weight variations through a single font file.

Download Here



D-DIN-Condensed Font

D-DIN is a sans serif font family based on the design of DIN typeface that was widely used for traffic, administrative and technical applications. It was defined by the German standards body DIN – Deutsches Institut fur Normung (German Institute for Standardization) in the standard sheet DIN 1451-Schriften (typefaces) in 1931. Similar standards existed for stenciled letters.

Originally designed for industrial uses, the first DIN-type fonts were a simplified design that could be applied with limited technical difficulty. Due to the design’s legibility and uncomplicated, unadorned design, it has become popular for general purpose use in signage and display adaptations. Many adaptations and expansions of the original design have been released digitally.

D-DIN font family includes Normal, Condensed, and Expanded styles in Regular and Bold weights and also Italic style.

Download Here



Tektur-Condensed Font

Tektur is a constructed typeface featuring octagonal outlines and rectangular counters. This rudimentary principle is applied where rounds are typically found, but most of the diagonals are left intact which helps preserve good readability and a familiar stance. The x-height is set high and ascenders are aligned with the cap height allowing for compact typesetting.

The Tektur static font family comprises three widths (Tight, Narrow, normal) in 6 weights (Regular, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, ExtraBold, Black), giving a wide design range useful for many applications. The variable version has width locations renamed (Condensed, SemiCondensed, Normal) for compliance with Google recommendations.

Download Here


Boffin-Condensed Font

Boffin is a simple little typeface for all things technical. A faux monospaced, semi-serif with rounded corners that you will never forget.

The name comes from a British slang word that means “tech-savvy person”.

Or simply “nerd”.


Đanh Đá-Condensed Font

Đanh Đá was created in collaboration with Huong Ngo, an artist currently based in Chicago, for her project “To Name It Is To See It” and subsequently her visual identity. Unlike other typefaces in the project which are derived from a single typographic example, Đanh Đá is an amalgam of various references from 20th-century women’s magazines.

Đanh Đá is a bold and condensed sans-serif that carries traces of Art Deco influences from the French colonial era with the subtle hardness and boldness of Propaganda style.

Download Here



Rundstein-Condensed Font

Rundstein is a modern geometric typeface. Designed with OpenType features like glyph alternates and ligatures, Rundstein is perfectly suited for graphic design and any display use.

It could easily work for the army, bands, breweries, cinema, gamers, metalheads, militaries, movies, posters, pubs, quotes, t-shirts, and many more.

Rundstein includes extended Latin language support, but also Cyrillic and Greek.

Westgate-Condensed Font

Westgate is a sans serif typeface that was designed based on the vernacular concrete typography on the North, East, and West gates of Saigon’s iconic Ben Thanh Market, which were installed during its renovation in the middle of the 20th century. Withstanding the test of time, they have embodied the history of both the market and of Saigon’s development.

The typeface carries an elegant condensed form inspired by the Art Deco style of the early 20th-century French colonial era. It features elongated letter heights, combined with geometric lines and forms. The most charming feature is the Vietnamese diacritics which are harmoniously integrated into the letterforms, thus compensating for the typographic challenges of the Vietnamese language system while not compromising legibility.

Download Here



AT Askara-Condensed Font

AT Askara is a vintage serif font. It can be used to make things even better, such as documents, packaging labels, brochures, sign paintings, badges, certificates, placards, and so on.

Download Here



Nymeria-Condensed Font

Nymeria is a sans serif font family named after a dire wolf in Game of Thrones, an American fantasy drama TV series in reference to the warrior-queen, Nymeria, who led the Rhoynar refugees to Dorn a thousand years ago.

Nymeria is a stand-out front, it’s bold, it’s husky, it’s strong, it’s loyal.  The font family is available in a number of styles, characterized to serve versatility in both print and web media.

Download Here



Hleba Soli Ziamli Voli typeface-Condensed Font

Hleba Soli Ziamli Voli typeface is a graphic discovery on title type that combines traditional poster shapes with Humanist notes from Renaissance. Hleba Soli Ziamli Voli is named after the Belarus poem by Yanka Kupala and inherits some original glyph designs from Renaissance printings by Francis Skoryna.

The free version of the Hleba Soli Ziamli Voli typeface includes Heavyweight. The family due to the wide variety of weights is great for titles and posters. Cyrillic and Latin support makes the type suitable for multilingual communications.

Download Here



Newston-Condensed Font

Newston is a stylish and elegant serif typeface with a bold twist. It’s perfect to add a layer of sophistication to any design project.

Download Here



Loverica-Condensed Font

Loverica is a modern serif font with an elegant and classy look. It comes with a bunch of alternates up to 7 styles for each character that will make your presentation or logo even more stunning and stand out!

Download Here



League Gothic-Condensed Font

League Gothic is a sans serif typeface, a revival of an old classic, Alternate Gothic #1. It was originally designed by Morris Fuller Benton for the American Type Founders Company in 1903. The company went bankrupt in 1993, and since the original typeface was created before 1923, the typeface is in the public domain. It’s been revised & updated with contributions from Micah Rich, Tyler Finck, and Dannci, who contributed extra glyphs.

In October 2020 Tyler took some pandemic time to create a variable version (wdth) of League Gothic. It includes lots of improvements to individual glyph construction as well as composites (especially diacritics). Vietnamese support was added, too.

Download Here



Vogie-Condensed Font

Vogie is a sporty and modern sans serif typeface. The strong and sturdy design makes it ideal for eye-catching headlines, branding, packaging, magazines, sports, logos, and more.

A free version includes Extra Light Condensed and Light Narrow Italic styles. The full family comes in 4 widths, 9 weights and is available in regular and oblique, 62 fonts encapsulated in one variable font

Download Here


Beedo-Condensed Font

Beedo is a tall geometric display typeface with a clean modular look. The font works best for posters and headlines.



Etrusco-Condensed Font

Etrusco Now is the revival of a lead typeface originally cast in lead by Italian foundry Nebiolo in the early 1920s. Heavily inspired by the design of the Medium weight of Schelter & Giesecke’s Grotesk, Etrusco was, like Cairoli, an early precursor of the modernist grotesque superfamilies: a solid, multi-purpose “work-horse” typeface family that could solve a wide range of design problems with its range of widths and weights.

A free version of  Etrusco Now includes Medium and Bold Condensed styles, the complete family consists of 50+ fonts.

Contemporary but rich in slight historical quirks, Etrusco Now is perfect for any editorial and branding project that aims to be different in a subtle way. Etrusco Now’s deviations from the norm are small enough to give it personality without affecting readability, while its wide range of open type features (alternates, stylistic sets, positional numbers) and language coverage make it a problem solver for any situation.


Wingman-Condensed Font

Wingman is a font that speaks for itself.

The letterform represents the noir genre, on it was inspired by. But Wingman is not only a simple and stylish representation, it is a modern tool that tells the story by itself so that people understand the concept from the very first sight. Thrilled by the idea of visual representation, Wingman is never an addition, it is an essential part.

The sharp edges, thin and straight lines can both represent violence and peace, but still would have the necessary impact on the audience.

Though Wingman was truly inspired by the era of the 1940s and the noir genre in comics and cinematography, the usage of the font can go far beyond. Because of its simplicity and independence, Wingman can be used without any additional design elements and would still bring the idea of the artwork.

The wingman can also be used in very different forms, such as package design, movies, posters, book covers, commercials, etc.

Seymaz Condensed-Condensed Font
Seymaz Condensed is a variable font inspired by ‘Grecian’ typefaces examples from the late XIXth century. The typeface comes in 8 weights and matching Slanted style.

























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